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La Macana

Pink Unicorns

physical dance theatre

Pink Unicorns <em>Photo: Jörg Landsberg</em>
Photo: Jörg Landsberg

La Macana, Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster, Theatre Bremen, 2018

Duration: 75 min

The performance is followed by a conversation with the creators.

Creation: Caterina Varela, Samir Akika, Alexis Fernández
Dancers: Alexis Fernández, Paulo Fernández
Lighting design: Afonso Castro
Stage design: Tilo Schreieck
Production manager: Caterina Varela
Production: La Macana
Coproduction: AGADIC, Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster, Theatre Bremen

"The lock screen on my son's phone is a pink unicorn. When I was a teenager, I stayed far away from anything that was pink. I had never heard of unicorns before and cell phones didn’t exist." In Pink Unicorns, the Cuban-born dancer Alexis Fernández is on stage alongside his son. Experience encounters youthful exuberance. Assumed serenity is questioned with curiosity. La Macana’s work deals with the not always uncomplicated relationship between the generations. The impulse of both father and son to share the stage holds a mirror up to the audience: fathers, mothers, sons, daughters. ‘Pink Unicorns’ is a wild dance theatre in which two bodies encounter each other.

La Macana is a dance company based in Spain, set up in 2009 by Caterina Varela and Alexis Fernández. She is a dancer, choreographer, producer, and director of various projects to promote the performing arts in Spain and he is a renowned dancer and choreographer of Cuban origin. They have received different awards and have been well received within the international circuits, appearing in more than 25 countries, and doing collaborations with different European theatres. Those who know La Macana await a play with strong physical material, careful poetics, and a close relationship with the audience.


Father and son, Alexis and Paulo Fernández /…/ touched each other more in 60 minutes on stage than my dad and I in my 40 years "here". Still, I made sure to phone him after just to register presence. Some connections are destined/doomed to remain intangible. Despite its cathartic effect on me, the show is fit for all. Whimsical, extraordinarily physical, it’s truly great theater.

Pink Unicorns: Dancing with(out) my father.

Timbul, Alexey. 29.04.2021

The creators, Caterina Varela, Samir Akika, Alexis Fernández, find just the right mix of dance, movement, physical theatre and slapstick, with the witty and optimistic touch of the Caribbean.

Pink Unicorns by La Macana. A vigorous and fun piece, which invites you to live.
Muñoz Díez, Luis. Revista Tarántula. 12.10.2019

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