Platform of Contemporary Dance 2021 - Coexistence

Katja Gorečan, Mojca Kasjak

One Night Some Girls Somewhere Are Dying


Festival production of the Platform of Contemporary Dance, 2020

One Night Some Girls Somewhere Are Dying <em>Photo: David Orešič</em>
Photo: David Orešič

Authors of project: Katja Gorečan in Mojca Kasjak
Author of poetry and dramaturgy: Katja Gorečan
Choreography, staging, direction, executive production: Mojca Kasjak
Dramatic interpretation of poetry, author of musical poetry, and direction: Alenka Vidrih
Performers and co-creators, movement: Petja Golec Horvat, Ivana Kocutar, Ajša Mara Kacjan, Simona Bobnar Radenković
Sound design: Toni Soprano Meneglejte
Light design: David Orešič
Costumography: Milena Petelinšek
Production of festival in the frame of Platform for Contemporary Dance, Zavod MOJa KreacijA, Plesna izba Maribor
Coproduction: Maribor Puppet Theatre
Partners: Vetrinjski dvor mansion – Narodni dom Maribor, MKC Črka
With the support of: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, City of Maribor

What happens when violence against the body causes loss. As in the intimate history of women, in which their position of the non-existent manifests. This is why women in this (social) imaginary are silent and give their body, so that power, meaning, the life of another might be inscribed in it, as though they themselves are inscribed in the position of the non-existent and the invisible. What happens when your body is no longer yours? As non-existent in and of itself, as a state when it belongs to someone or something else (to some other meaning). The development of the body is endangered, as movement and contact with the outside world is prohibited. What can the uneasiness of restraint cause? The body becomes the property of someone else. Is there an alternative – a resistance to this condition? Girls use their bodies in several phases for the safe surroundings of their stay: a body that does not dwell, a body that emerges, a body that grows, and a body that expands and takes up the space that belongs to it.

According to the government regulations, participation in cultural events is allowed to persons with the certificate that states: a negative SARS-CoV-2 test result no older than 48 hours (HAG) or 72 hours (PCR), full vaccination or full recovery from Covid-19. The organizer is obliged to check whether the visitors and performers meet the PCT condition.

The condition does not apply to end users who have not yet turned 18 and attend the event with their parents or legal guardians. Recommendations regarding interpersonal distance, proper mask wearing, hand hygiene, and cough hygiene should be followed.

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